“Better to have a few rats, than to be one.” This quote has a history. Elijah Cummings (68) is a member of Parliament from Baltimore in the house of representatives. The city of 600 000 inhabitants, the majority has Black, and is located on the East coast of the USA. It was once the centre of heavy industry. Which has been outsourced to China. Back unemployed, living in slums have remained. The crime has increased greatly. In the USA, 280 murders happen every week. Six of them in Baltimore.

The Deputy Cummings is Chairman of the Committee that controls the government. Conflicts with Trump are inevitable. Since Cummings belongs to the Democrats, i.e. the Opposition, a rating of the President’s control, apparently per se as a hostile act. He responds to his anger unprecedented foul-mouthed in the city of, means, of course, clear Cummings. From Trumps the bottom drawer: “Baltimore is a disgusting, rats and rodents infested mud nest.”

a rat Yourself

Would a Federal Council as well as the smallest village in the country as a rats-filth nest insult, he would remain a day longer on the Federal Council. I would take any bet.

the editors of The “Baltimore Sun” should have been their reaction to Trump carefully considered. Finally, any amount of racism put in his rat-a metaphor. She acted relentlessly. And, among other things, the above-mentioned quote: published “it’s Better to have a couple of rats, than to be one.” What can only be called, Donald Trump, President of the United States of America, was a rat.

It’s a disaster

America was once the Land of our dreams. With great President. I think Roosevelt Franklin Delano. With his New Deal examples of reforms risked. The non-exempt last updated Europe with the US Army and of Hitler’s national socialism. I remember John F. Kennedy, the conquered in the Cold war as a beacon of hope for peace and freedom in our hearts. Who was murdered in 1963, I mourned, and cried.

And now? Trump can be denounced with impunity as a rat. He has started his slander Aria in order. It is a disaster.

Helmut Hubacher (93) was from 1975 to 1990, President of the SP Switzerland. He writes every second Wednesday of the VIEW.