in case of remote voting possible delays due to mass sending ballots by mail. This is stated in the letter of the General counsel of the Post office of the United States Thomas Marshall, published in The New York Times.

According to him, some deadlines for the receipt and return of ballots by mail do not meet the delivery standards of the postal service. Marshall believes that state governments should urge citizens to send ballots at least 15 days before the election, but not for a few days, as the law allows. Otherwise, some ballots will not be delivered on time, warns post office, RIA Novosti reported.

a Letter of Thomas Marshall adds tension in a dispute about whether it was appropriate to vote by mail in the background of the coronavirus. The US President Donald trump has repeatedly criticized the idea. In his opinion, this form of expression may give an advantage to the Democrats in the presidential election that will take place on the third of November this year. In addition, says the owner of the White house, this procedure is opaque and processing of ballots would take a long time.