Re-racism-scandal from the USA! On Twitter, a picture is doing the rounds that shows two white police officers on their horses. Between them is a black man running. His hands are tied together with a rope. One of the police officers, keeping the rope in Hand.

The procedure has been criticised as racist and as a macabre Echo of the time of slavery in the United States.

The police in the town of Galveston (Texas) stated on Facebook, the two officials had not acted in the Discharge of the Suspect optimally and should have waited for a transport vehicle.

The police, the Suspect because of the “unnecessary embarrassment” to apologize, said police chief Vernon Hale on Monday (local time). The officials would have had no evil intention, he wrote more. The practice, someone paid in addition to the horse running on the knitting, not for the time being allowed, so Hale.

Shitstorm on Twitter

The result of the application of it is the 43-year-old Donald Neely. He was arrested by the officials according to the police on Saturday on suspicion of trespassing. The police officers handcuffed him, tied a rope on it and led the man.

Many Twitter users spoke of racism and complained that a white suspect would have been treated by the police in any way. Individual users requested, the police officer should be fired. Another Twitter user, said that he hoped that the Suspect will sue the police for damages. (SDA/man)