6:3, 4:6, 6:3, 4:6, 2:6 – Roger Federer (38) starts out strongly against Grigor Dimitrov (28), the device but then under increasing pressure. After a track record of 7:0 against Dimitrov, the Swiss loses the first time against the Bulgarians, and the trip home. This in spite of good Roger’s performance!

It’s Federer’s 56. Quarter-final at an ATP Grand Slam tournament. Challenger Dimitrov (Bul, 28) device in reserve. The prelude to a disaster the Maestro. Federer plays at a high level and can burn anything. The first set with 6:3 on the world ranking list to third parties.

In the second set, Dimitrov puts a couple of spikes, in the case of Federer errors creep in. The tension rises: Roger needs the Break to make the set. The Break – and fourth double grabs errors from Dimitrov. But the increases also in the serve and get the set. Federer, Dimitrov gives the compensation.

Federer plays well, but not good enough

the third sentence: Uncharacteristic errors creeping into the game of the Swiss, he is unhappy with the Timing. Amazing game: First Dimitrov, then Federer. But then the increase. Again the Swiss is thanks to the double faults of the opponent, he performs with Break and the two set of balls not take. 2:1 sets for Federer after 1 hour and 45 minutes.

the Fourth set – one needs to Federer. He shortened to residues, however, remains. The Swiss need to unpack everything. He fights, counters, the shots sit. Again, Federer is shortened to 3:4.

-class Tennis on both sides. Federer attacks, you need the Break, otherwise it goes in the Fifth. The opportunities come in a row – and he forgives you. Coach Severin Lüthi on the page shows nerve. Set ball Dimitrov, and he catches up with him.

3-minute time-out before 5. Set

Federer takes a break and disappears into the cabin. Three minutes of medical treatment to him. Then the ultimate Set starts. Serve of Federer, but the first Game goes to Dimitrov.

Meanwhile, nearly three hours of play, the Bulgarian draws them with 2:0 Games. Federer remains the total attack, but it is only the residue of 4:0, he gets the first Game. Roger is shortened, but Dimitrov brings the game to a Dry environment. Double Out for Switzerland in the US Open quarter-finals – so the hoped-for remains off semi-final cracker between Roger and Stan! (kes)

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