To the Tennis today, the 27-Year-old came through her mother. Thus, at the time, the lanky Chinese woman receives a slightly stronger Move on, is it plugged in despite little interest in the tennis school: “The proximity to the tennis court from my place of residence, has made it easier for me the speed on the tennis court something is” Wang Qiang in an Interview with “WTA Tennis” to the log.

The 27-Year-old is sure that the Chinese Federation wanted to make earlier, only better, because it looked well above average: “I think the managers wanted me to promote it only because I was a pretty girl, and you can thus generate more attention. Only later they noticed then, that I can also play really good Tennis.”

Qiang is the last of the Chinese iron in the fire of the US Open. Great pressure the world number 18 not feel so. The Asian girl loves to dance on the big stage: “I don’t like to play on the small Courts, I like the big places. On these Courts, I feel at home and have a lot of self-confidence.” The also got Ashleigh Barty to feel your mark as the world’s number two in the tennis circus. The Chinese left the French in her clear 6:2, 6:4 victory, no Chance and moved into the quarter-final. According to the statements of their Coach, played Qiang not even her best Tennis.

so Far, Qiang came to a Grand Slam is never about the third round and beyond. The is now a thing of the past. She is ready to storm up to the front. Before the duel with Serena Williams, the 27-Year-old, full of anticipation. On challenges of this kind, one should wait, however, as a tennis actress. In the direct duels Williams leads with three-to-one-Wins, the last duel in a Grand Slam, could decide the Chinese, but for themselves (6:4, 7:5 victory, the French Open, 2018).

And who knows, maybe we see finally a Surprise-Final between Belinda and the 27-Year-old Chinese woman, who was not always appreciated just because of their Tennis Talent value. (par)

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