For weeks, the Swiss and their neighbors wait in the surrounding countries, impatient to see the harbingers of summer. In vain. The sun is hiding behind thick clouds, it seems to rain almost every day. But instead of being disappointed, advises a U.S. weather service now: Enjoy it Europeans, as long as you can!

this summer, a heat wave threatens us, namely, to the other – even worse than last year. The States, at least in the long-term forecast from “AccuWeather”.

“Yet resistant to heat than 2018”

Accordingly, the heat from Spain and France, spreading to Germany and Switzerland, reached also Eastern Europe. “You will be even more resistant than in the past year. Even if the particularly intensive heat waves go over, temperatures remain above normal and fluctuate then quickly back to the Extreme”, as stated in the report.

In Central Europe, which are expected to reach temperatures of 38 to 40 degrees, in Spain and Portugal, even 43 degrees.

forest fire risk in the Alps is the highest

Extreme drought and high fire risk, the consequences will be. The weather company warns: “The risk is in the North of Portugal and Spain, as well as in the Alpine region, and Germany is at its highest.” Last year, fires in Greece, dozens of people died in the forest.

During the summer in Western and Central Europe will be according to the forecast, very dry, and in the East violent Storms announced. “Eastern Europe is not spared from the heat. But there are fierce storms with lots of rain threatening to” write the meteorologists more.

Only Scandinavia had nothing to Worry about – here is the weather service says a “normal summer” before.

Is it really so bad?

The data from “AccuWeather” votes, in part, with those of the European centre for medium-term weather forecasts (ECMWF). The forecast of the organization: Between June and August, the temperatures of the respective monthly average since 1993 exceed. With a probability of 70 to 80 per cent (orange coloring).

Whether or not this summer, but the heat-Hammer in 2018 in the shadows, to make this statement, the ECMWF-and researchers are not tempted. So you can stay well once cool.

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