US may expand sanctions against the

the Congress can pass new sanctions in respect of project “Nord stream-2” in case if Russia will try to build the remaining miles of pipeline. On it informs German newspaper Handelsblatt, citing diplomatic circles of Washington.

the Sanctions could be adopted in February or March. Washington intends to do everything possible to prevent completion of the construction of a gas pipeline under the Baltic sea. The restrictive measures will be directed against the European project investors, or companies that take gas from the Russian pipeline.

a representative of the Social democratic party (Germany) economic Affairs Bernd Westphal negatively assessed the plans of the American Congress. According to him, they do everything to the “Nord stream-2” was completed. Westphal noted that Germany and the European Union will not allow the US to dictate to them how to conduct energy policy.

the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia earlier said that the pipeline will be completed, despite the US pressure.