US intelligence has warned NATO and Israel about the pandemic coronavirus in advance

US Intelligence, has published a report about a possible pandemic coronavirus in November last year, warned about the dangers of not only the administration of President Donald trump, but also NATO and Israel. About this newspaper The Times of Israel, citing Channel 12.

the us intelligence Report was compiled in the second week of November 2019, when information about the outbreak was not yet in the public domain. In addition to the administration of the tramp, the scouts decided to warn about the dangers of NATO and Israel.

it is Noted that Israeli military officials were discussing the possibility of spread of the virus in the region and its impact on Israel and neighbouring countries in November. The information came also to “decision-makers” and the Ministry of health, but then allegedly did not made any steps to prevent the situation.

it remains unclear whether this is the same report previously reported by ABC News. The intelligence allegedly warned that further spread of the virus, which appeared in Wuhan could turn into a pandemic. However, trump was later called to the report of a fake.