The pandemic coronavirus by the end of June the loss of American hospitals can be as high as $202,6 billion.

As reported by “Bloomberg”, even a large medical Corporation feel the loss of income.

I just don’t know how many institutions will survive this, — said the Chairman of the American heart Association Rod Hohmann.

It is also noted that already 50% of rural hospitals have difficulty.

The Federal government already has allocated to support health care providers $175 billion However, according to the newspaper, this amount is approximately equal to what the States spend over three and a half weeks for treatment in hospitals, clinics and nursing homes.

Earlier reported that the head of the Department on control over foodstuff and medicines of the United States Stephen Hahn were isolated two weeks after contact with a person infected with coronavirus. As it turned out, official contact with the press Secretary to the Vice President of the United States Michael Pence, Kathy Miller, whose may 8, was diagnosed with COVID-19.