US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo visited by 30. May to 5. In June, several European countries, including Switzerland. It is also foreseen a Meeting with Federal councillor Ignazio Cassis. The the Federal Department of foreign Affairs (FDFA) and the U.S. shared Ministry with the outside on Friday evening.

Cassis will receive Pompeo “soon “to hold bilateral talks, writes the EDA, at the request of the news Agency Keystone-SDA. The EDA will be informed in due time about the Details. The Meeting comes just days after the Federal President Ueli Maurer, US President, Donald Trump met in Washington.

Europe-Trip to the US foreign Minister,

Pompeo is first expected in Germany, where he will meet Chancellor Angela Merkel and the foreign Minister, Heiko Maas, said in the message of the State Department. Then travel Pompeo in Switzerland, where he’ll be next to his counterpart Cassis top representatives of the business community, as well as the Director General of the world health organization, Tedros Ghebreyesus, meeting.

Then it go more in the Netherlands, where talks with Prime Minister Mark Rutte and other members of the government were planned. Finally, Pompeo will accompany in the UK, the visit of the US President, Trump. (SDA/nim)

The United States apply to Germany as the second most important trading partner of Switzerland. In spite of the rain of economic exchange is not a free trade agreement between Switzerland and the USA. In 2006 canceled plans for an agreement mainly because of resistance from Swiss agriculture.

Now, Switzerland takes a new start-up. For the local economy, much is at stake: each Year, exports to the value of over 40 billion Swiss francs to be exported across the Atlantic. On the opposite side of Switzerland to 2018 imported only Goods to the value of almost 21 billion Swiss francs.