Anne Hathaway (36) is a workhorse: this year, two movies went from your (“The power of temptation”, “Glam Girls”), two more to come in the cinemas. By the way, she also plays in a new Amazon series (“Modern Love”). 2020 and 2021 allows it to Hathaway, and then slow down the pace: “only” two new films. Thanks be to God. Finally, the three-year-old son, Jonathan, wants to have his Mom there – and a second child coming at the end of the year to the world.

The road to pregnancy was extremely stressful. “It is not so that you can waves a magic wand and then a Baby in the belly. It can be a painful experience, if it drags out. You can feel very isolated,” she says during a Meeting with a VIEW. “You do not give yourself and your body the blame for the fact that it works. Fortunately, helped me my Friends and my husband, Adam since. Others have left, however, unintentionally spells from the stack that have hurt me terribly.” The worst was when someone asked why it takes so long. “This has destroyed me on the ground.”

brother or sister?

her pregnancy has made Hathaway via Instagram public and a baby belly-made photo. She didn’t want to announce it so that only your new Baby, but also all the women and men of hope, who are trying to have children. “If you tried it in vain and others post their happiness, then something like this can be psychologically very hard.” Also the son of Jonathan has given you. “I love him to read stories to, so he can fall asleep. I do the voices of the common people.” Of course, you talked to him about her pregnancy. He wants a brother or a sister? “He didn’t tell me his preference yet. But he is excited to be a big brother.”

A day at the sea

For the perfect balance Hathaway also need time for yourself. In the summer she likes to go to the beach. “I’m a simple Girl and easy to make happy.” You can go but just so the sea of Fans surrounded? “I speak from a private beach,” she says with a wink, “well, for me, a semi-private beach is enough. I’m not as famous as Julia Roberts.”