In Washington working for the Democrats these days like clockwork. The Impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump (73) is in full swing. Almost daily new Details about the Ukraine affair to the light of day to penetrate. The (political) noose is tightening more and more, the US President could be in November, “” impeacht.

Otherwise, the feeling situation of the party when it comes to the US elections in 2020. It’s a competent and robust candidate must be, the Trump cannot defeat at the ballot box, actually. But to fight some of the democratic presidential contenders, who want to compete in the upcoming summer with Trump in.

Including, of all things, the three Top Democrats in the pre-election campaign: Joe Biden (76), Elizabeth Warren (70) and Bernie Sanders (I-78).

Joe Biden

He a rose in the spring with a big lead in the race, could count as a former Vice President under Barack Obama on the sympathies of many voters. But Biden is not convinced the first two TV debates, the Democrats mightily under the wheels. The Ukraine affair of Trump comes in for him now the worst possible moment. Because it also throws Biden critical questions about the behavior of Joe and his son Hunter (49) in a corruption scandal from the year of 2014.

Biden is so weakened as never before in this election campaign. He has now been overtaken in the polls by Elizabeth Warren.

Elizabeth Warren

she went as a view time, an outsider rich in the race. Meanwhile, the 70-Year-old greets from the leader to the throne – at least if you believe the polls. This week, the Senator learned for the first time on his own body, what it means to be the most promising Challenger of Trump. The conservative media uncovered an alleged fraud of her. Warren repeatedly in your campaign again and again the story of how she was dismissed at the tender age of 22 years as a teacher – because she was pregnant. But journalists kramten now an Interview with the Warren is a different Story told. At the time, she explained her departure with a lack of qualifications on your part.

Whether hoax or not: Warren will be attacked as a top rider now on a regular basis. And anyone who has followed their career knows that there is still more controversial stories. You must dress warmly.

Bernie Sanders

He wanted to get in this election campaign, what remained of him in 2016, denied: The nomination of the democratic party for President. Behind Biden, he was in the spring as the second favorite. However, it quickly became clear that Sanders can no longer build on his spectacular election campaign of 2015 and 2016. The Bernie effect is dissipated. But that is not to him but to the other candidates. You have many of his ideas adopted, which have made him four years ago is so popular. The 78-Year-old well-joy and sorrow at the same time. Now a hospital stay came in last week: Sanders suffered a heart attack, and had to be operated. Given his age, this tragic story provides an attack surface for the Republicans. But even many democratic voters are likely to be concerned about whether the state of health of Sanders.

Sanders is constantly losing ground in the polls. Rather than go to catch up to him on the downhill. In view of the recent news is not a good starting position.

there Is a Surprise?

the Top-weaken the Democrats, or fight in the case of Warren with attacks, playing the less-known candidate in the cards. It offers you the chance once again to race to intervene. Pete Buttigieg (37) and Beto O’rourke (47) have the political potential and the necessary charisma. Of time left. The first primaries are held in February. Well possible that then one of the two, the salmon will be the end of the Fourth.


On 5. November 2020 the presidential elections held in the United States. Donald Trump (73) is seeking a second term. And also the candidate field of Democrats is so great as never. All the information about the elections and candidates, it is always in the News Ticker.

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