Three years US President Donald Trump (73). Three Years Of Madness. Three years full of scandals. And the end is not in sight.

On 3. November 2020 – in exactly a year’s time are called the Americans to elect a President. The Democrats are currently looking for your best possible candidates. In their primaries, the most pressing political issues of the country: Reform of the health system, weapons, violence, and Migration. But of all the questions is: Who has the stuff, Donald Trump to?

The sobering answer to that: Nobody.

Neither Ex-Vice President Joe Biden (76), Elizabeth Warren (70) or shooting star Pete Buttigieg (37) can win the important Swing-States for themselves. You will be secure, such as your predecessor, Hillary Clinton (72), the most votes, but the US electoral system, the Electoral College will fail.

Even with the Impeachment procedure does not get rid of him and the Democrats. Trump is supposed to come because of the Ukraine affair and the cover-up to try it. The Democrats controlled the house of representatives will impeach him because of this. But in the Senate, where it needs a two-thirds majority, and the Republicans have the majority, the impeachment is likely to fail.

“impeacht” will Trump 2020 yet. The voters vote down the will not but. As well as all the others, already almost forgotten scandals. For example, as a Trump, during a summit meeting with Putin in the summer of 2018, the word about Russia’s campaign of interference over the information of his secret service people asked.

Trump has an ACE up his Sleeve that will secure him the second term: the economy. No other factor is historically seen as much weight, if the President is Re – or de-selection of a US. Since the American civil war in the 19th century. Century, was only elected a President again, in the last two calendar years of his first term in office, a recession occurred: William McKinley in the year 1900.

Also, the forecasts allow for no other conclusion. Whether the experts of the renowned Agency Moody’s, or those of Oxford Economics: they all expect a Trump-victory – probably even more pronounced as 2016.

What could this mean for the United States, has recently explained, presidential candidate, Joe Biden, in an Interview on CBS aptly: “Four years Donald Trump will be very difficult to overcome, but we can make it. For eight years, Donald Trump will change the character of our country fundamentally. It will take a Generation or more, until we are back on track.”

The United States and the Rest of the world have to adjust to this devastating scenario.


On 5. November 2020 the presidential elections held in the United States. Donald Trump (73) is seeking a second term. And also the candidate field of Democrats is so great as never. All the information about the elections and candidates, it is always in the News Ticker.