two nights long cruises, the “Stars on the lake”ship with the many music concerts through the Eastern Mediterranean. Last Florian Ast (44) and DJ Ötzi (48) ensured a lively atmosphere on Board. Always at the forefront of this: the couple Lavell (67) and Julie Brown (64) from the U.S. state of Mississippi.

“We flew half way around the world to celebrate the hit, and to finally see Beatrice Egli,” explains the former Nato officer, who was stationed with the U.S. air force temporarily in Germany. Discovered he has the Swiss beat the Queen on the platform “Youtube”. “The beginning of the year I wanted to brush up on my German. Since I’m on a Clip of Beatrice stumbled, has fallen to his wife. “Beatrice, we’ll never get enough”, raving both of you. Therefore, had not been also clear to be at the cruise in. “I was thinking not even for a second,” she says.

For US Fans, it is as beautiful as Disneyland

For the two times the grandparents ‘ Stars on the lake is the ideal place to experience the renowned musicians up close and personal. “Otherwise, we would have to travel constantly to different places, to see all we like, live. Here you can meet the Stars even in the Gang. This is for Schlager-Fans like us, so beautiful, like Disneyland!” Lavell explains.

While the Americans, the fourth Destination of the seven-day trip, the historic old town of Kotor in Montenegro, explored, organized VIEW meetings together with your Idol. “What they took for a giant compliment because of me, a 20-hour flight with two stopovers to be,” says Beatrice Egli (31).

After the Meeting, the Lavells with your Idol, you are raving. “This is the best day of this trip,” says Lavell, who knows even the Videos from the time before your “Germany seeks the Superstar”-beginning in the year 2013. “He knows better about my work than I myself,” says Egli, laughing. The far-traveled Fan-couple, summarizes the Meeting in German-English as follows: “This meeting was just madness!”