A spokesman noted on Friday, “the resistance and the number of targeted attacks, New York mayor, and the pressure of interest groups” on the organizers. The Gala should be organized by the Brazilian-American chamber of Commerce. Bolsonaro should be honored with the award “Person of the year”.

Originally, the event should take place in the Museum of natural history of New York – the Museum, however, sprang finally. Finally, the Gala should be held in the Marriot Marquis Hotel in Times Square, where it descended every night to go to the protests and calling for a cancellation of the event.

tickets cost $ 30,000

On Friday, the US airline Delta has confirmed that the British newspaper “Financial Times” and the consulting firm Bain & Company, the news Agency AFP that they have withdrawn as sponsors. Even New York’s democratic mayor Bill de Blasio had criticized the planned Gala sharp and Bolsonaro as “a dangerous man”.

The Brazilian-American chamber of Commerce, is awarded every year by a Brazilian and a US citizen with the price. At the Gala Dinner prominent guests will take part in the rule. A Ticket costs $ 30,000, the event was sold out.

Bolsonaro is since the beginning of the year, the President of Brazil. The law falls on populist again and again with racist, misogynist and homophobic Statements. He is also an avowed admirer of the Brazilian military dictatorship. He sharply criticized for his environmental policy.