“Because the economy is under downward pressure, must take the country more measures to secure the employment and the livelihood of the people,” said the head of the climate office in the Ministry of the environment, Li Gao, on Friday, with a view to the UN climate summit in September in New York.

China only wants to until 2030 CO2-slingshot

do not stay “Some of these measures might not match up to our efforts to combat climate change.” The world’s largest producer of climate-damaging greenhouse gases has committed to the emissions until around 2030 to rise to the global temperature rise to curb these.

In June, the government promised the “highest possible level of ambition”, which should be reflected in the five-year plan 2021-2025 in ambitious targets low. “Do not underestimate the determination and the confidence of the Chinese government, but do not underestimate the difficulties with which China is faced,” said Li, adding: “China will not be possible to reach the goal many years earlier than planned.”

trade dispute with the United States has a negative impact

The UN special envoy, Luis de Alba, recently told the Reuters news Agency that he had received a “positive response” from China, to stop investments in coal, one of the largest sources of air pollution and greenhouse gases. “External elements, such as the sino-American trade war have had negative impacts and increasing uncertainties for the world economy, which has made China more and more difficult to cope with climate change,” said Li. (SDA)