unrest on the border to the United States, the Mexican authorities will see the consequences: they want to deport dozens of Central American migrants. 98 people were in custody and would be sent back to their home countries, said the head of the Mexican migration authority, Gerardo García Benavente, the television station Televisa. The majority of the detainees come from Honduras. If all the victims come from the Central American country, he could not say.

hundreds of migrants had tried on Sunday in the Mexican border city of Tijuana, to illegally cross the border to the United States. The US security forces had used tear gas to stop them. According to the U.S. customs and border protection section of San Diego, were arrested in the border 42 of the migrants.

for Several hours the US authorities closed the border crossing between the southern California metropolis of San Diego and the Mexican city of Tijuana. US President, Donald Trump has warned to close emergency the entire southern border permanently.

In Mexico, according to the interior Ministry, currently around 8,200 people from Central America. Around 7,400 of them were last updated in Mexicali and Tijuana. Most come from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. They are fleeing from violence, misery and economic Hardship in the hope of asylum in the United States. Since the majority of the groups of migrants have crossed the border between Mexico and Guatemala without the necessary papers, is allowed to deport the country this theoretically.

in view of the worsening of the situation Trump had announced at the weekend an agreement with Mexico’s future government, according to which asylum-seekers during the examination of your application by US courts in Mexico. Mexico’s designated interior Minister Olga Sánchez Cordero denied, however, that the deal was already sealed.