imagine, you were just relaxed completely. Heat surrounds you. Easy you are clothed, light and everything bright and friendly. Flowering fields and smiling people. You feel cared for, recognized, loved. Pleasant. Everything is pleasant, what do you associate with “heat” and “warming”.

The SVP accused all other parties of the “climate hysteria”. Strong word, strong accusation. Only, unfortunately, unfortunately, completely irrelevant.

“a Good climate

create a” let’s Go to the home page of Regula Rytz, President of the Greens, the climate party par excellence. What fights you as a councillor candidate? It wants to create “a good climate!” An innocuous’t. We go to the home page of Balthasar Glättli, a flagship green, group President and national Council. Under the “keywords” we find there’s a large “asylum”, “mobility” or “social” and also to Overlook small “climate change”. As if he would be ashamed of that.

You need to make any Visit to the Green to see that we are as a society very far from hysteria. Even our language betrays our Composure. Because as we talk about our possible self-inflicted self-destruction? As the ever more frequent droughts and Floods, the heat, the melting glaciers, the dead coral? In the mode of comforting self-deception we use the word “climate warming”. And conceal so that everything Extreme elegant.

The rogue is missing

“change” is a magic word. “Climate change”, that sounds like magic. According To Presto. Sounds soft and effortless and devotion. Everything that is, is changing. We let the nature prevail, let us trust fully in your hands.

Even the honest cover-up on the take-sounding word “environmentalist” a little: It only reminds us of the need of protection of the climate and its protector. But the rogue is missing, before the climate must be protected. Even “climate deniers” and “climate skeptics” are strangely nice words for people that watch how we can transform the world of our grandchildren in many Parts of in a human-uninhabitable hell.

We need not only a radical, bold climate policy, we also need a clear language. Everything will be okay.

Ursula von Arx has made to use on a daily basis, at least once the words “Klimatod”, “climate catastrophe” and “climate killer”. Often, however, the courage to so much Discomfort of missing her. Von Arx every second Monday, writes in the VIEW.