The forced withdrawal in the own four walls will lead to two explosions, says a friend: an Explosion in the birth rate in nine months, and an Explosion of the divorce rate.

Should you wish to have a (Sex) or the other (armed) to avoid, then please! Here are a few ideas on how you can make use of the Corona-days at home:

learn Found the poem “” by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe by heart. It leads you outside, into the forest.

you in contact with a schoolmate from primary school and put the question to him: “Why you wore always the red socks?” (It doesn’t matter whether the classmate of mine actually wore always the red socks or not. The question is the contact.)

imagine a shabbily-dressed Eritreans, the chewing violently on his nails. He holds the Hand in front of the lips like a piece of bread. Although the sight is unpleasant, consider him as a fellow human being, equal to them. You can test the Power of your imagination that you can wear in all the edge regions in the world, and the inhuman horn häutigkeit protects. Vividly see the atrocities and dangers, and bodies in front of you, which must have been exposed to the young man, and imagine how he is now before the filthy, clogged Latrine snake, which he shares in a refugee camp in Moria on the Greek island of Lesvos, with 167 other Escaped.

The idea of it distracts from Corona.

Not for long.

Corona is also arrived on Lesvos.

donate to Doctors without borders, a sum so high that it hurts. Your Triumph over your Pettiness, raises their morale.

you can avoid boredom by building your dream house, made of cardboard and newsprint. To the completion you use torn-off Branches.

learn from Italy and ask your neighbor whether they can sing for you a song.

if you accept the offer of your other neighbor, asking if she could sing for you a song.

discover your inner balance, when they stand on one leg, and up to 50 count. Then switch the leg and count to 50.

you wave at a Stranger from your window. You smile. The Stranger smiles back.

Everything will be fine.

Ursula von Arx thinks of narrow homes with small children. And finds it difficult to stay there for days, without going crazy. There’s a poem probably helps not even. She writes every second Monday in the VIEW.

What is the Coronavirus is?

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