Roger Köppel wants to be found in the Council of States and has, currently, a subject would be able to mobilize the people: the climate.

melt, the droughts at the end of glaciers, acidic oceans, flooding coastal areas, crop failures, and the prospect of uninhabitable hot cities and millions of climate refugees – in the meantime, Roger Köppel has underestimated the seriousness of the people who want to save our planet. Even “brutally underestimated,” he said to the NZZ.

Köppel “attack”

But now he is awake. Now he wants to profit as a politician of the environmental concerns and “attack,” as he says. Now he spices up his Anti-EU profile with a drum beat on the Anti-climate-slogans.

As always in his performances, he plays in the election campaign, the good-Humored, as supplemented by the clarification. We don’t take him in both poses, to abhor, but also their entertainment value.

unteachable men collection

He presents not like Trump as a climate denier, no, skepticism sow is sufficient. There may be thousands of studies that identify the climate change as a human, but Köppel remembers the radio contribution of his Childhood about a study that said a massive cooling of the earth. It is not necessary to draw because the studies generally in doubt?

of Course not. But the Gentiles who still believe that climate change could displace like a cluttered basement that collects Köppel.

In the Tarnmäntel of the critical mind, distancing itself from the climate moving, which he said is a blind believer, “emotion vibes”, a “Messianic-apocalyptic into it to increase in a kind of world trance”. At the köppel’s write-UPS, a self-drunken self-dynamics may be observable, fantasy full you are from all.

“Red-green climate kolkhoz”

Limp against his attempt, the climate concerned to put in a Communist corner: the Extent to which FDP, SP, Green, green liberal and impartial climate demo-movement to create a “red-green eco-dictatorship” or a “red-green climate kolkhoz”, Köppels secret.

The shrill Anti-climate campaign pushes even in his own party, the SVP, on rejection. He doesn’t want to. In the facts poor köppel show, it just goes to a: Köppel.

All would be well.

Ursula von Arx has three children and asks whether they will take climate change seriously enough. She writes every second Monday.