Urologist accused of abuse of 109 children and adolescents

the 57-year-old urologist from the Salzkammergut (Austria) is accused of sexual harassment against minors. According to investigators, the victims were minors 109.

the Criminal actions of the man made in the period from 2000 until his arrest in January 2019. Forty boys at the time of the abuse was not fourteen years. The man acted in some regions of Austria, as well as in Egypt.

in addition, it was found that the attacker had persuaded several people to record pornographic videos involving minors, gave children cannabis. It is known that in one case a man was offered a minor reward for sexual services.

investigators believe that the actions of the doctor at least three of the victims suffered serious damage to their health.

according to Kronen Zeitung, the urologist faces up to fifteen years of imprisonment. They may be placed in a special institution for criminals with mental disorders.

Earlier it was reported about a pedophile surgeon from France. The investigation revealed that the victims were nearly 350 minors.