In the relevant government decree States that a portion of the money will go to preserve jobs for those citizens who are under risk of dismissal. Today it is more than 80.7 thousand employees. It is assumed that due to the government funding will be able to avoid layoffs, transfers to part-time working time and forced holidays due to inactivity in the companies. Another part of the funds is designed to create temporary jobs for the citizens who have remained without work.

In the case of employment centers, the citizens will offer employment in construction, agriculture, transport, utilities, landscaping, and social services care for the elderly, according to the ruling. In these industries now is a large number of outstanding vacancies.

During summer, the growth in registered unemployment slowed down more than a third. Starting in June, registered as unemployed up to average of 140 thousand people per week, while in April and may in the centers of employment were recorded in the 220 – 250 thousand weekly. It is noted that 51% of registered unemployed are people aged from 25 to 40 years, 32% of persons age 40 to 55, a little more than 12% are young people up to 25 years, less than 5% of citizens over 55 years of age – the smallest group of officially registered unemployed.

most of the unemployed registered in Chechnya, Tyva and Ingushetia. The most favorable situation in employment – Sakhalin, Lipetsk and Tambov regions.

Simultaneity recruitment intensified, now employ almost 300 thousand people a week.