do you think we now have a serious economic crisis or so, small ripples on the mirror-smooth water? President Vladimir Putin says nearly 2 million people officially registered as unemployed. The Minister of labour and social protection Anton Kotkov says that if to consider not only the registered unemployed in April was 23% more and are now 4.3 million people. Almost 6% of the population. And this is the beginning of autumn will be even worse.

the forecast of the Ministry of economic development predicts: in 2020 the country’s GDP is to grow at least half a percent, will be reduced by 5 percent. But even cooler than the GDP, will fall, the real incomes of citizens as a whole.

these are just a few not the worst official news of recent days. According to them, we have a real crisis.

True, 7 may, the government introduced a bill in the name of which refers to the “urgent action” for sustainable economic development and prevent the consequences of coronavirus epidemic. Through the Russian Parliament “as an exception” recognized important legislation can pass with a whistle, but this not came into force until now. Although “emergency”, if you look in the dictionary, it means “urgent”, “non-delay”. In the quiet time laws with such names do not appear, right?

at First everything seems to be hinted that the crisis in the country, and really need quickly. In the first reading the state Duma has voted “for” may 12. The second is scheduled for 13 may, but then postponed for a week. And not because the councillors did not understand the meaning of the word “emergency” (you know, our members are the most intelligent MPs in the world!). The President had to say about additional measures of support, and it was at least partially to cram them into already present in the Duma the bill. Moreover, in a number of measures in the government and around it sparked heated debate. On may 21-22, was appointed as an additional plenary session. Perhaps, suggested the speaker Vyacheslav Volodin may 13, and the Federation Council, aware of the new schedule of the state Duma, will make changes to your.

Legislation (53 pages of text) adopted finally on 21 may. Simultaneously with it in 4 days all readings adopted another one on amendments to the Tax code (18 pages of text), is also crisis.

But the Federation Council of changes in your schedule to make did not become. Plenary session of the upper house of Parliament passed on may 20 as planned. The next time the senators will gather in Moscow on 2 June. That is, only 12 days after the two “emergency” law was passed by the Duma, they may be approved by the upper house of Parliament and sent for signature to the President, then, after publication, come into force. In conventional��’s, non-crisis conditions such a period is normal. Hence, the crisis and associated with it there is no urgency?..

Many Russians believe that the President just say the word to make it materialize. Yes, and the head of state, it sometimes seems, thinks like that. But this is not true. Word to materialize, should be inscribed in our irregular legal field — or the bureaucracy did not work.

While these two laws have not undergone the entire procedure until the end — including non-institutionalized and:

— the right of the government this year to accept the annual student assessment 9th and 11th grades the basis for the issuance of certificates and diplomas;

— the government’s right to determine how and in what period of time the tour operators will be calculated with the Russians, burned on the trips because of the epidemic;

— protection of 10-thousandths of child benefits from the encroachments of bailiffs;

— self-employed tax deductions in the amount of 12 310 rubles paid last year for taxes;

— increased from June 1 the benefits for parents to care for children from 1500 roubles (in the case of the first child) and 3,000 roubles (if speech about a second child) until 6752 rubles;

— tax incentives to philanthropists, which help socially oriented NGOs, religious organizations and NGOs from the areas particularly affected in recent months.

If all this is not very necessary and urgent, then why the measures called “emergency”, every TV and every podium to shout about how things run and fall, only to help the poor Russians? But if we have a crisis, then why has the government not tried to synchronize the houses of Parliament? Or tried to, but failed?

But sometimes, when graphics and the Duma and the Federation Council is amazing how the same, even if the match does not seem to have. It certainly happens when you legalize your decision as soon as possible the Kremlin wants. Here, for example, on March 11, 2020 morning, the state Duma adopted in the third reading the law on amendments to the Constitution, and on the same day or within a few hours — it was approved by the Federation Council!

it is assumed that all of these benefits, emergency orders and tax benefits — not a priority for the Kremlin, which again, apparently, fascinated primarily by the amendments to the Constitution.

If so, we are moving on parallel rails.

Or we have no crisis.