Sunday evening Is now finally funny? SRF has been subjected to the Satire show “Late Update” (again, as of Sunday, 21.40 PM) a radical overhaul. Michael Elsener (34) gets the author of power for his Show. Entertainment writer Domenico Blass (53) is head writer of the show. Pale delivered nine years of Gags for “Giacobbo/Müller”. By 2016, brought Viktor Giacobbo (67) and Mike Müller (55) in this time slot, respectively, against 400’000 spectators.

“I think Michael Elsener for a versatile as well as gifted Comedian, and I look forward to supporting him in the “Late Update”,” says Pale. The New one is an experienced Gagautor. He wrote successful screenplays (“emergency in Havanna”), a Sitcom (“Schöni Uusichte”), and successful Musicals (“Io senza te”). His Humor is pleasant to the taste and clear. Elseners Problem: He was often to langfädig and complicated, seemed a bit unusually motivated.

conclusion with the cold decor

Elsener explains VIEWS, what else is new in his Show: “people will Notice it for sure the new Set,” he reveals. The Studio had been cold and uninviting.

The focus of the satirist wants to put on the upcoming elections: “I am delighted that we can support our politicians in the second season of satirical in the elections this autumn,” says Elsener. “How, exactly, I can’t tell the degree. But the love of CVP has submitted properly this week. Thank you. Other parties will follow, guaranteed.”

In each Episode there will be again a key topic. “I have read, for example, in the tobacco policy in Switzerland,” says Elsener. “Because I have a couple of interesting Details are noticed. Since I’m going to talk on Sunday about it.”

Female support from Germany

Elsener, the gassed up in the summer, four months in Berlin force is Supported, again, by the comedienne Patti Basler (43), the Bernese author and theatre-maker Matto Kämpf (49) and new from Uta Köbernick (43), a German actress, cabaret artist and singer-songwriter.

Also Renato Kaiser (34), made recently in his show “taboo” also jokes about the Sick, the disabled and the poor, is. Hopefully, Domenico Blass, the new star writer of the “Late Update” keeps his hands on the Emperor. So that the audience stay away from such jokes spared.