one quick thing: tens of thousands of UPC was Announced, customers should be on 27. August abandon during some of the hours on the TV. The network of the cable operator is more efficient. Because it was working on the “Change Day”, the Day of change,. For the majority of the customers of the haunt should have at 12 noon to an end. Only some customers would have to program your transmitter as well, promised the Telecom company to VIEW.

not Quite as unproblematic as promised, the transition was not then on the stage. Angry customers have reported that they could see for days, no television. You are missing all or a large part of their stations. Particularly annoying: The customer service was overloaded.

On Twitter, a relevant power of open his Anger: “five times Already called, still no answer. The last Time 45 minutes to Wait. Incredible!”

No cases! A VIEW-a reader has asked via E-Mail for help, also without success. On the Homepage of UPC, a yellow bar indicates the changeover. There are step-by-step instructions for various devices. Other Affected persons to report in part, but also Internet problems, you the uses online help little.

there are numerous problems with this. Another VIEW-the reader is told, that he could almost receive three days of no station more. On Friday at noon then the Situation has improved. Still SRF 1 and two are missing him.

Other missing German channels

Also on the Community website, the conversion is a big topic. A customer about missing also the two main Swiss station. Even though he had installed all the channels several times. “And many of the regional channels flicker only,” he writes. Another customer reports that in the period since the Change Day, the private German TV station to run poorly. “They are no longer available, or the picture is distorted.”

“dear UPC, for real now?” another customer complains. He is seriously annoyed, because he had to set up a time-consuming channels. What makes to create him also: “For every marketing shit to blow up in a E-mail, but via a transmitter adjustment measure, you do not need to inform the stupid customer that has anyway nothing to do and to be busy.”

increase ranged from

To VIEW request defending UPC. You have, and on many channels about the upcoming change to informed a spokesman. “Where possible, via E-Mail and by post.” The problems would be limited to customers with older technology.

An apology there but still. “Due to the adjustments we recorded in the last few days, a higher call volume in our call center, which has had a negative impact on the waiting time out.” Although they have increased in the case of aid personnel. That this was not enough, was up to the longer processing duration per case. “And for that we apologize,” said the spokesman.

For the cable operator, this week saw yet more negative news. In the new “balance sheet”Ranking, I went for UPC downward. In relation to Internet, landline and TV is not a provider cut worse than that of UPC.