Fake Heiress

“This is a fun and slightly different podcast. A fascinating narrative about the Russian Anna Sorokin, who in the years svindla they rikaste in New York city. She wondered herself into high society by getting them to believe that she was a multimillionærarving. Anna used the time on the champagnebrunsjar and penthouse-suitar in New York and frequented the New York elite to raise funding for Anna Delvey Foundation – a centre for fleirfaldige million dollars. People loved her, but there was only one thing: everything was a lie!”


“Radiolab is a firm friend and has been there for many years. The people behind this podcast, receive the science and research to be very fun and interesting.”

Dolly Parton’s America

“I love Dolly Parton and have always been fascinated by american society. With this podcast, get I two favorittar on one and the same place. It is so glorious to be able to swim in the artistlivet and the music of the Dolly and at the same time learn how music has contributed into the american culture.”

Podkastar from NRK as update you on the nyheitsbildet:

“up to Date” – The little you need to hang out with on the issues everyone talks about.

“War and peace” – do you Think the world is a confusing place? Do you know you are being bombarded by everything that happens? NRK Urix stops in the 20 minute and ask what’s really going on, why it happens, and what it means.

Photo: NRK Julia Naglestad

“Dagsnytt 18” – Dagsnytt 18 is a daily news and aktualitetsmagasin with debates and interviews.

Photo: Ole Kaland / Ole Kaland, NRK

“Studio 2” Culture and the actuality in your pocket? Programleiarane Kristian Bendiksen, Turi Grønbech and Otto Pile gives you the best from Studio 2.

podkastar from NRK:

“Good improvement” – Podcast with just what you need – right now. If you have any questions about body and mind? Cecilie Kåss Furuseth, psychologist Peder Kjøs and doctor Kaveh Rashidi provides you with educational fun based on your questions and stories.

“In quarantine with Ronny and Tuva” – Norway has turned full virusalarm and P3s Ronny Brede Aase is put into quarantine – but it’s not to each other his, Tuva Fossum Fellman. Now have them set up the studio in the livingroom so that you can follow them through the large and small challenges in koronaens time.

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