With the passed by the Federal Cabinet Corona-AIDS have parents with a loss of earnings from April, facilitating access to child Supplement (KiZ). The children’s Supplement supports families in which the merit of the parents is not enough for the entire family. So far, about two million children are entitled to claim, because their parents have little income.

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What you need to know now to the new regime – and how you can benefit from the child Supplement:

What is the Supplement is exactly – and how much money is available to me?

The child Supplement is additional financial support for parents who go to work but whose wages are not or only barely sufficient for the livelihood of the entire family. Per child the children can mean a surcharge per month up to € 185 in addition, in the family Treasury. This additional money will cover the children’s money to the needs of a child.

another advantage of the supplementary child benefit: Who receives financial support by the state, has a claim to benefits for education and is part of, and is exempted from kindergarten fees.

What does the facilitated access to the children’s Supplement from 1. April?

so Far, the average applied income for the last six months as the basis for calculating the children’s allowance. From 1. April just has to be the income of the last month prior to the application demonstrated. This scheme initially applies until the end of September. For the “emergency-KiZ” will shorten the calculation basis clearly, said Federal Minister for family Affairs Franziska Giffey (SPD) in Berlin on Monday. Assets should not be considered for a limited period of time.

“For many families in the country loss of Earnings are currently an existential concern,” said Giffey. Parents should, in the light of the day – care centre and school closures take care of the children and often themselves, they were in short-time work or had a loss of income due to the absence of orders. Therefore, the children’s allowance will be opened in the short term for those fractions have now substantial Income.

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Who can the child Supplement apply?

The children’s allowance is payable to unmarried children up to 25 years. The other conditions has worn the Federal Ministry for family Affairs, senior citizens, women and youth on an information page. Therefore, parents must meet the following requirements:

  • The child or children live in the household of the applicant and the children receive money for you.
  • The income is allowed to a certain minimum limit must not be exceeded. This minimum limit is 900 Euro gross for couples and 600 Euro gross for Single parents.
  • parents must have enough income and, together with the child allowance, the child allowance and may be entitled to housing benefit, you can meet the needs of your family.
  • the income of the parents, which will be offset against the child allowance is not so high that the child Supplement is reduced to zero.

“Since the 1. January 2020, you can not receive the child allowance even if you stay with your earned income, the child allowance and the housing allowance more than 100 Euro under the SGB II-claim“, is it also on the website of the Federal Ministry for family Affairs, senior citizens, women and youth.

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How can I apply for the child allowance?

All the information to make it easier to access to child allowance, parents can find below www.notfall-kiz.de.

The request for parents to make online on the website of the family allowance Fund. With the KiZ-pilot of the family Fund, you can also consider whether a claim exists. If you have questions, can contact those interested in their family cash on the spot.

I receive the child Supplement already – what I need to know now?

government spokesman Steffen Seibert explained that families in the expiry of licence period, the maximum possible total-children Supplement have moved, without a new income test will receive a one-time six-month extension of the supplementary child benefit. So the services could be provided without interruption. To for 1. April up to 30. September apply.

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As families with income losses in the corona of a crisis be?

As a family policy measure announced Minister for family Affairs, Giffey, to move parents money months, if the parents time Corona due to now not taken could be. The concern about healthcare or social Occupations.

money Pregnant when parents are not losses, because they work less than is actually planned, have recommended to the Federal Ministry for family Affairs, the länder, disadvantages. For the calculation of the amount of the parental allowance months should be used, which are outside of the Corona-pandemic, said Giffey.

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