New jersey, With respect to all of the rules set out in this coronacrisis, it was Wednesday afternoon in the sports hall of Saint-Gilles is a constant coming and going of the nurses out of the province. There was to be a distributor of surgical masks for the thuiszorgsector in East-Flanders, belgium. Fewer than 17,000 of surgical masks were being distributed. “But we’re less than two weeks. If we are to be careful”.

members of the Association of Self-employed Nurses, were sitting in the reception area of the sports hall of Saint-Gilles to release the surgical masks to distribute to their members. The thuisverplegers came from all over the province of East-Flanders new jersey down. “With this plan we aim to meet the high demand for thuisverplegers to surgical masks,” said Paul Van Marcke. “The government insisted that there was in each province a single distributor was. New jersey seemed to be a central enough location to make it from here to do it.”