Carlos Tavares, the influential figure of the car manufacturer PSA (Peugeot, Citroën, DS) the last years. He has turned to the French a Large Corporation (in 2018 with 211’000 employees) since he took office in 2014, and revenue and profit increased. Under him, PSA has taken in mid-2017 is also the ailing German car maker Opel. Tavares promised to lead the German with a drastic restructuring plan to be back in profit zone.

in Order to reach the goal was Tavares aggressively: And the employees to the reduced number and less personnel expenditure at a constant or rather increasing sales to have. And his Plan is already bearing fruit: costs Were expended in Opel Takeover is still 15.2 per cent of turnover for staff in fiscal year 2018, according to calculations by the CAR-Institute of the University of Duisburg-Essen (D), only 12.6 percent.

Salami-tactics in the case of spot removal

In this time, the number of Opel employees of over 37’000 has shrunk to around 30’000. CAR-Director Ferdinand Dudenhöffer expects to 2023 of over 5000 coated in the Opelanern – that would be 12’000 less than in mid-2017! “The shrinking strategy, Carlos Tavares and Opel chief Michael Lohscheller is done very subtly, in small increments, to avoid a public scandal,” says Dudenhöffer. A short review: the brand was ever in Distress, goes back to the fact that Opel was saved in the 1990s by the then mother General Motors radically broken up Image and sales collapsed.

the wages in the German auto industry is also coming under pressure

at the same time, the cost per employee should be reduced. While today in the German car industry every working hour costs on average 53,80 Euro, in France-only 40 Euro. Tavares thus increases not only the pressure on Opel, but to all the German car manufacturers, to push the personnel costs. Dudenhöffer: “For the workers in Germany, Tavares could be a horror character.”

Opel Is soon only a vehicle with PSA technology

Dudenhöffer predicted for Opel, no bright future: With the growing selfless-to-earth approach, Opel would be made rapidly, as a company, unrecognizable and mutated to pure PSA-Label: “unlike the stand-alone VW group brands is Opel completely in the PSA group, or Patriotic, – in”, says Dudenhöffer. Opel, he sees only as a Label under which vehicles with PSA technology are sold. Confidence sounds different.