“First of all, we have weaned him Scream,” said Ian Digman. And McLarens product Manager seems to be proud of it. Instead of the usual circular saws, the sounds of the 620-HP to V8 in the rear of the new McLaren GT to sound deeper and less shrill than in the other super-sports the British brand car.

sports car, for travel,

Why? Travel instead of lawn is the motto for the 570er-based two-seater. Around 20’000 cars delivered McLaren since the Start of 2011, but not a few of the customers had something to complain to the models: More space would be nice, and a baggage compartment, that deserves the name. Therefore, the new McLaren GT – the Grand Touring acoustically not hold back, to nervous on long-haul routes. And gets a new, less wedge-shaped body, the front and rear more space for Luggage.

Up to 570 litres of loading volume

a Total of 570 litres, you can now invite, if you count the flight case-ready tray with a capacity of 150 litres under the front hood. The rear compartment above the engine looks at first glance more like a hat rack, but nevertheless, a Golf bag or two Pair of skis side by side, nestling almost at the award-arched loading floor. Large Hard-Shell Suitcase? No Chance. And one is glad to have the seats made of carbon fiber that are stable enough to be also Heavy to hold back.

more comfort, More Serenity

thanks to the carbon Monocoque remains the weight of the GT at 1530 kg. Therefore, he creates the sprint to 100 kph in 3.2 seconds; after nine 200 km/h. The tip is located at 326 km/h. Softer engine mounts and a perspective of the end cushioning ensure comfort, more ground clearance and a Noselift System for Lifting the Front for Serenity on speed bumps.

Finally a new Navi

Perhaps even more than the place plus future buyers are likely to happy about the new Navi. Software from Digital map providers Here and real-time traffic information, lift it up to the level of the competitors. Is delivered to the McLaren GT until the end of the year; prices start at about 212’000 Swiss francs.