The new Infection Protection Act will come into force on October 1st. Many people vaccinated against Corona then lose their status as such. who is affected.

The entry into force of the new edition of the Infection Protection Act has consequences for millions of Germans. As the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG) writes on its website, the following rules have applied so far:

Until September 30th, 2022 there is a complete vaccination protection:

The update of the Infection Protection Act now provides for an innovation:

From October 1, 2022 there will be full vaccination protection:

In concrete terms, something is changing, especially for those who have only been vaccinated twice against Corona. They are no longer considered “fully vaccinated” from October, so their vaccination certificate expires.

In Germany, 51.6 million people (62.1 percent) have already received a booster vaccination. According to BMG data, 11.8 million people (14.2 percent) have only been vaccinated twice.

You should therefore be vaccinated against Corona again as soon as possible in order to keep your vaccination status. !function(){var t=window.addEventListener?”addEventListener”:”attachEvent”;(0,window[t])(“attachEvent”==t?”onmessage”:”message”,function(t){if (“string”==typeof

The┬áStanding Vaccination Committee (Stiko) recommends a booster vaccination, i.e. the first “booster”, for all people who have had basic immunization from the age of twelve. In the case of people with a healthy immune system, she advises people to keep a minimum interval of six months between completed basic immunization and the first booster vaccination. In justified individual cases, the interval can be reduced to four months after medical advice.

In addition, children aged five to eleven years with previous illnesses should receive a first booster vaccination at intervals of at least six months after completing the basic immunization.

Last week, the Bundestag passed new regulations in the Infection Protection Act (IfSG). Otherwise, the legal basis for the remaining corona measures would have expired. The IfSG still has to go through the Bundesrat on September 16th.

Mask requirements would then be mandatory nationwide from October 1st

The federal states can also apply mask requirements in restaurants and other indoor areas on their own initiative.