The virus did not affect plans subway construction. As stated yesterday by the head of Department of construction of Moscow Rafik Zagrutdinov, to the end of the year, as promised, complete work on three new stations.

All new buildings will be located on the Great circle line: "Elektrozavodskaya", "Street people’s Militia" and "Karamyshevskaya". Until the end of the year, all of the completed construction work, and then the case for metro: lines should break in, to check all engineering systems. The experience of previous metrostroe we can say that this process on average takes about three months. On "Elektrozavodskaya" will be a major interchange hub: the transition to a platform of the Kazan direction of the trains and the blue line metro. While BKL has not yet been closed, the train to "Elektrozavodskaya" walk off "Month".

"Karamyshevskaya" and "Street people’s Militia" will be located in the North-Western segment. From them you can get to "Savelovskaya" direct. The remaining part of the Big ring will also pass individual sections. In parallel, the design of promising lines, one of them is Rublyovo-Arkhangelsk. The exact route and stations of the Moscow construction complex expects to agree by the end of this year. At the same time in the construction of the subway at the same time involved a 17 shields.