it is a Soap-professional: For the past 18 years, Claudelle Deckert (45) plays the role of Eva Wagner in the RTL series “unter uns”. Her breakthrough actress at a Casting in Germany had – in just a week, she got the role. A Moment, to the Deckert’s still good to remember: “I freaked out, of course, was winning the lottery!”, she says to LOOK. “Just as an actor, you must reckon constantly with Cancel. More great when you get a commitment.”

“A whole new world went to the”

Claudelles life changed from today to tomorrow totally. “All of a sudden it is detected, take photos, go to occasions – a whole new world went up,” says the actress. The change was at the beginning, but eventually it all had become a part of your life.

To Claudelles concept for success the following Maxim: “As in any other Job diligently and never give up.” Nevertheless, the Job is for a “old timers” like Claudelle is not a self-runner Deckert. To work in a Daily Soap, you need a lot of spontaneity, she says. “No day is like the other.” And the consequences: “Man comes to his limits and thinks that you don’t like,” says Deckert about the dark side of their profession. After all: “It is a time that balances everything and is free but comes again.”

For the past five years Deckert vegan

lives As a balance to the sometimes hard hitting Soap-work makes Claudelle a lot of Yoga, and is fed for five years, vegan. “The most important thing to our body, so hands off Industriefrass.” Recently, she published her own cook book with basic recipes. “With vegan cuisine to a whole new world for me.”

in addition, the mother is a daughter of your professional experience to young talents. Claudelles tips for the young: “You can never give up. A goal is to see the happiness and always fight, fight.” She advises young actors to stay authentic and yourself. “I think about how I would personally deal with this Situation. So I can add myself better in the role, and it looks artificial,” says Deckert.

In the Shopping Center St. Jakob-Park in Basel, interested parties can on 23. February 2019 to attend from 12 to 17 clock free and without an appointment on the Casting of the UFA Talent Base.