the 2.1-Kilometer India lacked to be the fourth Nation on the moon. But then the contact to “Vikram broke”!

the approach to The moon would have been up to 2.1 km above the surface normal. This is the head of the Indian space Agency, Isro, Kailasavadivoo Sivan said, in the night on Saturday (local time). “The data will be evaluated.”

so Far, a controlled landing, managed on the moon only three countries: The USA, the Soviet Union and China. In the spring of an Israeli probe crashed already during the attempt to land on the moon after a technical error.

142 million dollars – no income

For India, it is the second Mission to the moon. The first lunar probe “Chandrayaan-1” was launched in 2008 and had orbited the moon without landing on it.

The landing at the South pole of the moon was the most difficult part of the unmanned Mission “Chandrayaan-2”, as the head of the Indian space Agency said. “Chandrayaan” means in Sanskrit “moon vehicle”.

the aim of the 142-million-Dollar Mission was to map the surface of the South pole Region, to analyze the ground and find water. In the Region of the beginning of 2019 was landed, the Chinese probe “Chang’e 4”. (nim/SDA)