Unscheduled holidays: something to occupy the kids for the duration of the quarantine

From March 21 across the country, students will stay home on unscheduled holidays, or distance learning. A few of these weeks are a great opportunity for busy adults to spend time with children and teach them something useful. But online services offer options:

to listen to lectures for children

for Example, in the application “Radio Moscow” contains podcasts and lectures on literature, science, and history: “Science and the courage to” tell the stories of great scientific discoveries, and in the podcast “Expecto patronum” to discuss children’s books and children’s problems (from friends, to acceptance of death). The promo code “quarantine” all the records available in the app for free. Moreover, in “the Nursery of the town,” the site has a collection of books, cartoons and audio, which you can spend time with the children.

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More Mature pupils will be interested in lectures from the site of the educational center “Sirius” courses “of PostNuke”, and for exam preparation will be useful for recording lectures universities: Higher school of Economics and St. Petersburg state University.

work out with voice assistant

Voice assistants, of course, will not replace live communication, but will help to create comfort in the house, sing the kids a lullaby or tell a tale. In a smart column Alice, for example, has several skills for children: it teaches you how to say tongue twisters, sets examples in mathematics for primary school students, Riddler and answers children’s questions (e.g. about the animal world).

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Recently, there appeared a simulator for the development of children’s speech “is Easy to say” if no children at this time can not attend speech therapist, the simulator will help to work out the complex sounds. To start the lesson, we want to say “Alice, run skill “is Easy to say to communicate with the child are fictional characters of “zvuki” and cartoon heroes “the Fixies”.

to Do master classes

on the Internet you can find courses for all occasions, from drawing to sculpting, the main thing – that the houses were improvised materials. For example, in the “Painter line”, you can take courses of drawing and listen to lectures about art history. Not all classes are free, but open lessons is enough to understand how interesting the child and you.

Master classes for younger children can be found on the websites of “My baby” or “Fair of masters” is a free lessons that will help you to create a drawing of any complexity from any scrap materials.

Repeat the school curriculum

in Order for the forced vacation, the children don’t forget the whole program, you can use one of the online schools Teach.ru, Aclass many others. They allow students of different ages to solve tasks in different subjects (from mathematics to English), to repeat difficult topics and prepare for exams and tests (them while nobody canceled).

the services vary widely: some provide video tutorials, other assignments, but you can find the service on any level.

Watch movies and TV shows Photo: Istock What free watch the Network during quarantine

Not the most intelligent, but fun. Family movies and cartoons is a good option for leisure, the more so because of the quarantine, many online sites have opened free access to the content. For example, “IMDb HD” gives you 45 free days for the promotional code POKAVSEDOMA or KARANTIN, and online cinema ivi has granted access for 30 days for 1 ruble.

Free to watch movies, TV shows and bloggers are in Yandex.Air. In addition, there is more of the show: for example, the music LAB project with Anton Belyaev (Therr Maitz), where famous musicians talk about their work and create new arrangements of the songs.