During a visit to new Zealand’s capital, Wellington, he said on Sunday, the political commitment of the States. Including, in particular, small island States would have to suffer – you were on the “Front line”.

“We are seeing clear signs that we are not in a good way, to reach the Paris climate agreement the agreed targets,” said Guterres in a joint press conference with new Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. With the Paris agreement of 2015, it was decided to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees compared to pre-industrial levels.

“is The Paradox: In the Mass, as things deteriorate on the spot, seems to be the Action to take off,” said Guterres. He paid tribute to the new Zealand government respect for your project to make the country up to the year 2050 CO2-neutral. Greenhouse gases, which are discharged through the agriculture, however, do not fall under the requirement.

new Zealand’s head of government Ardern, described climate change as the “biggest challenge” to the international community of States. It would be “grossly negligent” to ignore the issue, she said.

Guterres visited in the run-up to the climate summit in September in New York, and several South Pacific countries. After a three-day Station in new Zealand, he traveled to the Fiji Islands, Tuvalu and Vanuatu. The island States are threatened by rising sea levels.