The Newspaper, The U.s. central bank to put more resources in than it was during the great financial crisis. They will make the necessary payments to the national debt and the woonleningen to buy them in order to make sure that the money will continue to flow.

the Central banks are the only investors in the world who have money to be able to make it out of the blue, and then to buy it at any price. It is their major weapon in order to cash in to the system to pump at a time of general panic, where everyone is less than everything to which he is entitled to, as quickly as possible and at their own expense to see.

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The Federal Reserve, the central bank of the U.S., which is in charge of the major economies, which, not coincidentally, is also the main currency used, the locks are now fully open. They will have unlimited number of dollars for debt buy-back by the Us government, corporations, and the outstanding woonleningen. By doing this, the Fed has “the appropriate amount” to the “flow of credit to the support in the direction of the employers, the consumers and the companies.

never was the most ground breaking of all of the central banks is so low. Even then, the reckless bankers, the entire financial system is on the brink of the precipice, and had a thick, ten or so years ago.

“The Federal reserve may be the corona virus do not dissolve, but the rest of the markets to return,” said quarterback Marc Ones of the privately owned bank Puilaetco, recently in this paper. That is, even with unlimited amounts of money yet failed to do so.

The most hungry for cash to investors will remain as long as they and their stocks are still selling at lower and lower prices. European markets closed nearly 3% lower, and Wall Street began, with the dark figures of a new fair week. This past weekend, there were a couple of positive days, which is a very small part of the stock market crash were recovered.