the Family Andersen, Køge have had some investments that have gone both ways through life.

The public unknown bilfamilie lost some years ago over a billion dollars on big speculation in securities.

Subsequently did the family comeback with some big profits. Now, it is however the wrong way again. It writes the Finance.

The past two years, the family Andersen thus given over 800 million dollars to the. Last year was a deficit of 160 million dollars.

It shows a new accounts from the family’s investment firm. They justify the losses with “loss on shares’.

Through the years, the family has Andersen had a extensive use of short selling, where one wonders in shares without owning them.

the head of the Family called Allan F. Andersen, and he has through the years been called ‘Denmark bilkonge’.

‘the Company expects a positive result for the coming year’ stands in the new accounts.