Unknown almost into the Palace of Versailles the media are writing

MOSCOW, April 18/ Radio Sputnik. In France, two teenage boys tried to infiltrate by night to the Palace of Versailles, which is closed from mid-March due to pandemic coronavirus, RIA Novosti reported, citing French newspaper Parisien.

According to the publication, in the night of Saturday, the guards of the Palace noticed on the monitors of two people who traveled through the sewers of the complex. Noticing the surveillance camera, the perpetrators fled in the direction of the Park.

Palace Guards reported the incident to the police, together with police patrol arrived to the Palace the security agents who know all the “corners” of the Palace of Louis XIV.

After checking the security system and record from surveillance cameras revealed that the Palace no one entered, and in large lead pipes which serve to supply the fountains, got two teenagers. At the moment they are wanted by the police.

Earlier radio Sputnik reported that Notre Dame on the anniversary of the fire bell gave a chime.

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