According to the European Trade Union Confederation ETUC, annual energy costs exceed on average the monthly salaries of minimum wage earners in many EU countries. Specifically, people in 16 countries of the European Union – including Germany – would have to pay a corresponding monthly salary or more. That is twice as many states as in 2021, the ETUC announced on Tuesday.

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In Germany, for example, the annual energy costs were only covered after 33 days. The situation is significantly worse in Greece and Estonia, each with 54 days, and the Czech Republic with 65 days.

The trade union federation also points out that the figures refer to energy costs in July. The crisis has intensified since then and is being exacerbated by the further increase in the cost of energy and other essential goods. “These awards are simply beyond the reach of millions of people,” said ETUC Deputy Secretary General Esther Lynch.

A woman is dragged into an SUV and disappears, leaving a sandal at the scene. The DNA on it leads to a convicted kidnapper – he could be after the missing person’s inheritance.

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The crash of a plane in the Baltic Sea continues to be a mystery. A Cologne businessman who was traveling with his family is said to have been behind the wheel. Shortly before the crash, contact with the plane was lost and Luftwaffe Eurojets took off. Many questions are still open.