The Chinese company Unihertz has experience with Crowdfunding. Since 2017 is already three compact Smartphones launched on the market. A VIEW has already tested two of the devices. The ultra-small and light Jelly, as well as the Atom also comes in a Mini-Format, but shock-resistant and waterproof.

Now there’s a successor, namely, the Atom XL, the you can also on Kickstarter to pre-order. For 260 francs, there is the Version with the radio device, for 210 francs for those without. For Switzerland, you have to expect, unfortunately, CHF 20 for shipping, and it comes to but still 50 francs cheaper than after in the trade. The Crowdfunding will take a few days, in June, the phone will be shipped then.

The Atom XL is so, but it’s only for Unihertz ratios gross. The Display measures only 4 inches, such as the popular iPhone SE and the device is smaller than pretty much every new Smartphone. The metal frame and the protective pads are massive, with more than 220 grams, the Mini-Phone is also a heavy weight. Nevertheless, it keeps the phone comfortable in the Hand and stowed it in each bag.

to keep pleasant, again a smaller phone in the hands. And Yes, you have to get used to the smaller screen. Nevertheless, the Android-10-device use-value. Important is the water density according to iP 68 Standard. The XL also meets the military Standard MIL-STD-810, in which the device temperature shocks, vibrations or even Falls, is suspended.

Long battery life and full equipment

For the low price there are some notable Features: A fingerprint scanner as well as a huge 4300 mAh battery is not enough to fast charge via USB-C. Because the Screen is small and the processor claim is so full, for two to three days of battery life. This is really great!

the Same 128 GB of memory, like a Top model in there by default, which you can expand with a memory card even. Features such as a headphone connector, infrared Port are also on Board. Actually, you missed nothing at all.

But it, of course. The Helio is a P60 processor with 6 GB of RAM, a processor of the upper middle class, who is already two years old. For daily Work, the not enough challenging Games to make more Fun. And the Screen could be for an Outdoor-mobile phone something brighter. In sunlight you can’t see so much.

In the Test to convince the compact size and lots of little Extras. So you can turn on the flash light with a special button on the side as a flashlight. Also, there is a “tool box”, an App with many useful functions, among other things, with a spirit level, protractor, Lot or air pressure indicator.

Moderately good photo quality, radio Feature for experts

The 48-Megapixel camera shoots some nice pictures, too may not much to expect here. Especially the pre-production Software around works strongly to the images, which looks somewhat artificial. This also applies to Selfies with the 8 Megapixel camera. But here, perhaps, with Software Updates also improvements.

All of these Features you can get at the moment for 210 francs. For 50 francs more, there’s even a built-in DMR Walkie-Talkie. With the pre-installed App and a screw-down antenna it transforms the mobile device into a radio that will come to eight kilometers wide, at least in a terrain without large obstacles.

the city expects Unihertz with one to four kilometers of radio range, in a building of approximately 20 floors. Atom XL supports 0.5 W/2W Hardware in the frequency range of 400 to 480 MHZ. In the absence of a counterpart, we could not test this feature. It is also important that you set the correct Region, namely Europe, in order to use in Switzerland is permitted frequencies.

Who is an affordable and cheap Outdoor-looking phone, you should view the Atom XL in more detail. Especially the compact construction and the many small Features to convince. With the weaknesses you can live with at this price. The wireless technology is an added Extra for all those in the know.