The number of confirmed Corona cases in Switzerland rose to Sunday lunch on 7014. 60 people have died to date. The pandemic holds for Switzerland in chess. Most of the cantons of Ticino, Basel-city and Vaud are affected.

The Südkanton responded on Friday: The Canton government has Shutdown. Companies that can demonstrate that they comply with the hygiene measures of the Federal government consistently, you need to week close until the end.

Unia-President Vania Alleva (51) is now calling for the whole of Switzerland to follow suit. LOOK you achieved on Sunday evening by phone.

In the Canton of Ticino has shown in recent weeks that the Federal Council imposed safety and health regulations can not be complied with. Therefore, the closure of many enterprises is due to the Coronavirus to the correct conclusion, which is also supported by the employers.

He is consistent. We have measures in a law enforcement emergency in the Corona. They are implemented in the work world there is simply insufficient. Most of the cantons do not control once more. Every day we wait now, only makes the Situation worse. There’s only one thing: We need to extend the Ticino Shutdown on the whole of Switzerland. Who can prove that he complies with the provisions of the Covenant consistently, you must close temporarily.

We have to worry about now is primarily those activities that are socially essential health care, supply, and infrastructure. Companies in these industries must be able to work. And in such a way that the employees are invariably protected. We can’t risk the nursing staff or the people who provide us with food, fail. And Yes, other industries have to stop work temporarily, in order to comply with the directives of the Federal government and can continue to operate.

no, we don’t want that. But we must now ensure the protection of health and of this Virus contain it. If the pandemic continues to spread so will make the economy much harder. New York has decided to proceed with the Shutdown of the economy on Friday, Italy has tightened up, others will follow. I am convinced to do it Quickly, what I can anyway no longer prevent, is also for the economy of the lesser of two Evils. The sooner we get the pandemic under control, the quicker the economy gets back on its toes. We must now shut down.

on The contrary: We want to secure many jobs. We do that by ensuring the health protection of the workers. Without this, it will take much longer until we come out of the crisis out. In addition, hundreds of thousands are in acute distress. Our members are flooding us with requests. Because they are afraid of. Fear for their existence and fear for their health. A Banker is able to comply with the hygiene rules set by the Federal Council and his Job in a home office make. Work is not participating in the industrial, commercial, construction and many service the can professions. You do not have the same right to protection?

The Federal government has already provided assistance, but this will not be enough. It will need more money to compensate for wage losses, and after the crisis with a large stimulus program for the economy to return to full-time.

Switzerland, The pay can. Either the Corona are meant to be measures of the Federal Council’s serious or not. It can’t be that for the world of work, other Standards apply as for the private life. For the Unia is clear: the protection of The population is a top priority. And Yes, this will cost money.

employers in the Canton of Ticino, but also in the cantons of Vaud and Geneva, the need for the shutdown also. And others will follow.

a Powerful trade Union woman

As President of the Unia Vania Alleva (51) is the most powerful trade unionist in the country. With around 200,000 members, Unia is the largest trade Union in Switzerland. Alleva grew up in Zurich as the daughter of a truck driver and a seamstress. Since 2015, the studied art-historian of the Unia stands as the sole President, the first woman. Alleva is a Swiss-Italian dual citizen and lives with her husband in Bern.