Unhygienic act by an unknown passenger of the aircraft has angered his fellow traveler. She filmed the incident on camera and posted the picture to Instagram, noting in the publication account @passengershaming, which ridiculed the actions of tourists.

posted online the photo sitting in the neighboring seat liner-traveller, dressed in short shorts — on the picture you can see that he fully took off his shoes and put one bare foot to the other.

“It will never look normal!” — said in comments to the snapshot indignant the wearer.

on 30 July it was reported that the position of two unknown passengers on Board the plane had angered their fellow traveler. Placed on the frame, sealed, presumably a married couple — a man and a woman, dressed in shorts. They sit in the chair liner with buttoned belts.

Before this, on 21 July, the network appeared the unknown men and women who were kissing in the armchair in front of other people in the cabin of an airliner. Thus, as seen in the picture, the passenger was wearing a protective medical mask, and his companion — no.