Teacher Whitney Reddick of Jacksonville, Florida (USA) posted on Facebook bogus obituary of itself, thus expressing the dissatisfaction and concerns about possible security risks because of coronavirus in the reopening of schools.

“it is With deep sadness that I announce the passing of Whitney Lee Reddick,” wrote 33-year-old teacher. “She left us alone, in isolation and on a ventilator in the hospital.” This text is a teacher, published after the state education Department announced the intention to return to the local school to work full time, from 8 September.

Reddick said about his family, including 14 month old son. She also wrote about himself that “fought fiercely for what he believed in,”, “stood up for injustice and never chose the easy way”. At the end of the OBIT says that Whitney “succumbed to the ignorance of those in power”. As explained by the teacher herself in an interview with NBC News, she decided to write this text after reading the stories of those infected and dead from COVID-19 teachers. According to her, the purpose of obituary — cause of their colleagues ‘ concern with the return of full-time study in schools in the epidemic of the coronavirus.

the teacher said that they are ready to return to work on 20 August that the students will receive education in a safe environment that she can provide. So, Whitney has already begun to plan how will ensure the safety of his class, and thinks the students respect for social distance.

in addition, several teachers in Iowa also wrote his own obituary and sent them to the Governor of the state. They fear that someone from pupils can be infected with coronavirus and bring it home, spread it among the parents and elderly relatives, endangering their lives.

Earlier it was reported that the number of cases infected with coronavirus that was recorded in the US since the beginning of the pandemic exceeded five million. Currently, the incidence of increases in seven States: Oklahoma, Virginia, Illinois, Hawaii, South Dakota, Massachusetts and Rhode island, as well as in GUAM, the virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. At the same time, it decreased in 17 States. In total, the epidemic died 161 900 residents of the United States.