The Democrats are right. This was the conclusion of a U.S. court on Friday in Washington. The Impeachment process Nancy Pelosi (79) has initiated the end of September, against US President Donald Trump (73), is “legal,” explains Federal judge Beryl Howell (62) in a 75-page opinion.

The Republicans were on the point of view that the house of representatives had to vote to Impeachment-launch procedures. Trump described the investigations as “cheating”. The Democrats would not hear of it. Pelosi said there was no law, the use of such a Pre-advance. The court confirmed this now.

Democrats get UN-shaded Mueller report

in addition to these formal matter, Federal judge Howell announced a much more explosive decision: it ordered the Ministry of justice, the judiciary Committee of the house of representatives, which is determined in the Impeachment process, the UN-shaded report from Russia-special investigator Robert Mueller (75) to be delivered. The Federal judge continued the American Minister of justice, William Barr (69) for a period until next Wednesday.

In the arrangement of Howell, it was said further, this applies also to date by the Ministry of justice held notes or evidence on which the Russia-report by Mueller and was referred to in the redacted. Against the decision an appeal may be made. The White house has so far not yet formed a position.

So the Democrats have won in the dispute over the publication of the report a legal point victory. Before the Trump-opponent came to the Federal judge, they requested the Minister of justice Barr under threat of prosecution, the UN-shaded Mueller report. This was refused.

The facts of the Russia-studies

special investigator Robert Mueller had studied for two years whether trump’s campaign team met in collusion with representatives of Russia. Also, it was a question of whether Trump as US President, the disabled, the investigations of the judiciary in the affair.

at the end of March, Mueller had completed its work and Barr in his final report handed over. In mid-April, the Ministry of justice put the partly redacted Report to the Public.

it is a fact that Mueller found several contacts of trump’s campaign team with Russia, but not enough evidence for a “conspiracy” with a foreign Power. In the matter of obstruction of Justice Mueller is led to the various Attempts of the President, did not want to specify a final judgment.

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