In the South of the work space’s currently around. Only 2.2 percent, the unemployment rate in April 2019 in the counties of Lindau and lake Constance. A percent higher, the ratio was in Lörrach. In Waldshut, Konstanz and the black forest, the Offices measure 2.9 percent unemployment. The 4.9 percent fraud rate for the whole of the German labour market.

the international comparison of The unemployment, however, is difficult. Therefore, also in Switzerland, the Pay’s double trouble. So, the state Secretariat for economic Affairs (Seco) on the one hand and each month, how many people are registered with the Regional employment centers. At the end of March there were 112’341. This corresponds to an unemployment rate of 2.5 percent. By the end of 2018, the rate was 2.7 percent.

Germany is ahead of Switzerland

The Federal office for statistics (BfS) delivers four times in the year, the Figures on unemployment based on the requirements of the International labour organization (ILO). Based on a telephone survey of 30’000 persons per quarter. By means of extrapolation of the unemployment rate.

the end of 2018, this amounted to a for the Switzerland 4.6 percent. That is, the proportion of the population��population in working age who is without work. The remaining 95.4 percent are employed. In contrast, In Germany the rate was only 3.2 percent.

Lower salary and expensive life

In the long-term comparison of the two rates run in Switzerland, in parallel. However, the unemployment rate is always at least 1.5 percentage points higher. The reason: anyone Who engaged in any work that is not reported to the RAV. Outsorted missing!

However, for the attractiveness of the labour market, the unemployment rate is only one factor. Who wants to work as frontier workers in foreign countries, must be expected. Skeptical of the Unia. In comparison to southern Germany, the wage level in Switzerland is higher. “It is not so that someone working with a normal qualifications in Germany, in this country, but about the rent and the health insurance company pays,” says Union spokesman Serge Gnos.

Who wants a Job, has to come today is the first time a computer program is over. Especially difficult it is to have Year over 50. Because the automated programs work with Filters, in which the age of the candidates is a Central criterion, the Sunday view in the current issue. Since then, the Ü50 have it even harder to find a Job.

This is discrimination of older workers is now also officially: “Some employers in some industries, younger job applicants, for various reasons, prefer basically.” In a report, has given the state Secretariat for economic Affairs (Seco).

The 50-Year-old with Know-how and experience, but are also often more expensive. Very little chance you have in the it, Telecom and banking industry, but also in the pharmaceutical and food industry, said Daniel Lampart by the Swiss Federation of trade unions. He therefore calls for a better protection against dismissal for long-serving employees and a prohibition of discrimination.