at the end of April, the Regional job placement centres (RAV) a total of 107’298 people registered as unemployed. The 5’043 persons or 4.5 per cent less than in March, as the state announced Secretariat for economic Affairs (Seco) on Wednesday. Compared to April of the previous year, the decrease was even higher, at 10.4 percent.

The unemployment rate fell in the reporting month, to 2.4 percent from 2.5 percent in March, the seasonal effects, the ratio was calculated at 2.4 per cent. The news Agency Reuters surveyed Economists had expected in the run-up, with an unemployment rate of between 2.3 and 2.5 percent, respectively, seasonally adjusted from 2.3 to 2.4 percent.

Again decreasing the unemployment among young people. At the end of April 10’661 persons aged 15 to 24 years were still at RAV enrolled. This corresponded, as compared with the Figures for the previous month, a decline of 7.9 percent. Less significantly, the decrease was at the age of 50: the number of unemployed fell by 3.8 per cent to 30’650 people.

Also in the number of job seekers was recorded in April, a decline. Overall, less sought, according to the Seco, with 183’of 549 persons, a total of 5’918. This is a decline of 3.1 percent, compared with the previous year this value decreased to 5.4 per cent.

The number of the RAV of advertised Jobs rose meanwhile, in the reporting month to 549 37’958. The documents, according to Seco 23’468 mandatory reporting. Since 1. July 2018 must notify company Vacancies for professional types, with an unemployment rate of at least 8 percent prior to the RAV. Since then, it has increased the number of reported Vacancies.