Recall the history of the issue. In March it was discovered that in the rules of the Cup of Russia was an innocent mistake. Namely, the rules were not spelled out the order of definition of owners of fields in matches 1/4 and 1/2 finals of the tournament. Puncture surfaced after the grid has brought in the semi-finals “Spartak” and “Zenith”.

Under the previous version of the rules, the right to play on these stages of the house received by the team which up to this point has played fewer road games. In accordance with this logic game 1/4 final “Khimki” – “torpedo” (5:1) was conducted in the suburban town. Guided by it as well, “Zenith” has hastened to declare that the match will take place in St. Petersburg. For reference, the “blue-white-blue” two out of three matches in the tournament held on the road, and “Spartak” played twice at home. However, the “red-white” went to the principle and put the question squarely, proposing to draw lots.

it is Interesting that the option to play a match on neutral ground, both clubs refused. As a result, the issue decided by a vote at yesterday’s Executive Committee. The majority of the right to be the owner of the field gave “to Zenith”. And the RFU has acknowledged a “technical” mistake in the rules.

However, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Spartak” Leonid Fedun, such an outcome is not satisfied: “to Change the rules of the course, in my opinion, absolutely wrong. It is understood that “Zenit” is a heavyweight in football. So any queries are pressed. Unfortunately, I have no doubt about it”.

– Review on the verge – reacted to the remark Fedun Alexander Dyukov, to which the words of Leonid Arnoldovich told on a press-conferences journalists. – We have a judicial Committee, an ethics Committee, but I initiative is not going to go. If it were so, says Fedun, probably, on the resumption of the championship of speech does not go, and gold medals handed Zenit. But you don’t see it. A fact which in itself speaks volumes.

the issue with the Cup was, perhaps, the most controversial, but, in fact, not paramount at yesterday’s Executive Committee. Still to approve the rules, which will resume and play the season, was more important. By the way, some points of possible refinements. For example, in relation to the number of fans in the stadiums during the matches. The regulations prescribed the maximum permissible rate in the amount of 10 percent of the occupancy of the arena. The RFU offers to withdraw from this number, the VIP boxes. “If all precautions are taken, we believe that this will allow the use of the Lodge and to increase attendance. I hope the CPS will support our initiative,” – said Dyukov.