The demand for families and school complementary child care offered in Switzerland continues to increase. The Prisca Mattanza by the Association of child care Switzerland (Kibesuisse) says. “The desire of the parents and also the economy according to the compatibility of family and career will continue to grow,” she said.

in Total, it is estimated the number of existing childcare places for children of preschool age to over 63’000. Kita services and solutions there are so many different, as there are municipalities. The majority of kindergartens are private communities organized small or very small Carrier.

the city-country divide

The bandwidth of the degrees of Supply of child care in the preschool area, not only between the cantons is very large, but also between the city and the country. The supply ratio indicates what proportion of children in an age group and a full time childcare place is available.

The best-served cantons for pre-school children are Geneva, neuchâtel and Vaud with a supply degree between 26 to 29 percent. With 3 to 8 per cent, was significantly worse in the rural cantons of Glarus, Nidwalden, St. Gallen, Uri and Appenzell inner Rhoden placed. For children in the cities, the offer is the greatest: Here is the city of Zurich (49 percent) leads in front of Bern (47), Lausanne (45), Geneva (40) and new castle (32) the list.

Swiss-German parents pay the most

the cost of The kindergartens amounted in the year to almost 1.5 billion Swiss francs, often from the parents ‘ finances. Here, too, there are large differences between the language regions: In the West of Switzerland, the parents assume the cost of a third of the care in the German part of Switzerland, parents must shell out on average two-thirds of the cost themselves.

The average Attendance of small children is two and a half days per week. The full cost of a day-care centre per child per day will be between 75 and 120 francs.

thanks to the initial funding of the Federal government tens of thousands of new nursery places have been created. This was Switzerland so far and almost half a billion Swiss francs in value.