UN Secretary-General, antónio Guterres, said that a full-scale military conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan could be a disaster for both countries, reports TASS.

"UN Secretary-General with deep concern the tensions between Azerbaijan and Armenia is a Full-scale conflict between the two countries would be a disaster", – transferred words of the Secretary General his spokesman Stefan Dyuzharrik.

Guterres through a representative again warned against further escalation of the conflict and urged them to show restraint in bilateral relations.

The border conflict in Tovuz district on the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan began on 12 July.

Yerevan accuses Baku of trying to capture a strong point in the border area. The Azerbaijani defense Ministry insists that the conflict began after the Armenian armed forces staged a shelling of their positions. Victims of the conflict were military of both countries.

Russia, USA, EU countries and several other States called on the parties to immediately cease fire and return to negotiations. Turkey, in turn, openly supported the Baku accused Armenia of escalating the conflict.